Booze Allen and the ISAC community are bringing members the first virtual OT/ICS Security Workshop. Since the world is burned out on “talking-head”webinars, this workshop takes a different approach. A panel of SMEs from industry will initiate the conversation by defining and level-setting on the discussion topic, so everyone in the workshop is starting on the same page. With that done, we will use polling questions to drive audience participation and give everyone an opportunity to discuss different points of view, lessons learned, and best practices.

Members can get more information and register on the community Member Exchange (log-in required). 

Eligibility: Eligible participants are information security practitioners from retail, restaurants, hotels, gaming casinos, food retailers, consumer product manufacturers, and other consumer-facing companies. Member-exclusive events are open to individuals who are employed by RH-ISAC member organizations. For questions on eligibility, please email  [email protected].