Gift card abuse is committing fraudulent activity using gift cards rather than cold hard cash. Attackers monitor the gift card account activity on the retailer’s online portal, ready to strike when the gift card has been purchased. Gift cards are frequently acquired in bulk, to the value of several hundred dollars, and resold for a fraction of their worth.

The attacker has nothing to lose and purely profits to gain, making gift card abuse a highly attractive target for cybercriminals and an expensive problem for retailers.

During this webinar, Netacea’s Matthew Gracey-McMinn, head of threat research, and Thomas Platt, bot specialist, will explore why gift card abuse is the double-edged fraud cutting through retail.

In order to tackle the threat, Matthew will apply Netacea’s Business Logic Attack Definition (BLADE) Framework to understand the make-up of automated attacks that target and exploit the gift card process.


  • Matthew Gracey-McMinn – Head of Threat Research, Netacea
  • Thomas Platt – Bot Specialist, Netacea