Highly motivated adversaries relentlessly test new tools and techniques to evade security defenses. Whether their ultimate goal is scraping your valuable online content, taking over user accounts, or stealing gift cards and loyalty points – fraudsters consistently develop stealthier ways to avoid detection while automating their operations at scale.
During this panel-style webinar, we will consider the question; why do organizations still rely on traditional but outdated methods to defend against these sophisticated bad bots? Until now, there wasn’t a better way – leaving security professionals with solutions that are difficult to use, costly to manage and fail to keep up. Join to learn: 
• How Kasada to protects their guest and colleague information, as part of continuously evaluating strategic opportunities to strengthen cyber defense systems.
• The new threats and techniques presented by a highly innovative, collaborative, and financially motivated underground bot supply chain, and what it takes to stay ahead.
• How modern anti-bot technology applies zero-trust detection, defends invisibly without CAPTCHA, and strikes back at attackers to frustrate and deceive.
• Sam Crowther, Founder, Kasada
ELIGIBILITY: This webinar is open to RH-ISAC Core Members only. Ineligible registrants will have their registration canceled. To learn about eligibility, visit www.rhisac.org/membership. Email [email protected] with any questions.