Accenture will discuss continuing and emerging threats to retail and hospitality, including insights from Accenture’s Cyber Threat Intelligence practice, related to the top six initiatives RH-ISAC CISOs identified as priorities for 2022. Omar Al-Sharery covers overall trends from the trenches and outlines recommendations for technical and business mitigation.

Areas of focus include:

  • Supply-chain attacks: main risk areas for the industry revolve around introducing defective or malicious code within source code repositories, open-source or private software packages, or containerization tools used to package code
  • Ransomware: methods to counter double and triple extortion trends that continue to rise in Q1 2022
  • BEC and Fraud: new and emerging TTPs from specialized threat actors using market-based segmentation, geographic tuning, and outsourcing
  • Cloud: considerations that create larger cloud attack surface including API vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and unauthorized access and account hijacking
  • Data Governance: trends and risk factors including regulating data flows, data privacy and compliance, and cyber insurance


  • Omar Al-Shahery, Lead, Strategic & Industry Analysis, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Accenture Security


This webinar is open to RH-ISAC Core Members only.