Fraudsters are trading much more than stolen credentials: gift cards, credit cards, fullz, and especially botnet logs (troves of data siphoned from malware-infected devices) are hot commodities.

While the upward trend in stolen credentials isn’t a surprise – the password reuse rate has only gotten worse year after year – retail and hospitality companies should be concerned about the growing number of consumers unknowingly infected with malware. Ubiquitous, inexpensive malware siphons passwords, credit card data, web session cookies, browser autofill details, and more – data that allows criminals to perpetrate account takeover, bypassing even the most sophisticated protections (including MFA) and make fraudulent purchases that are often understood to be tied to malware infections only after the fact.

Join the SpyCloud team for a breakdown of malware and other fraud trends from the criminal underground we’ve uncovered over the last 12 months while monitoring their communities and recapturing billions of stolen assets – and the ways you can use this information to proactively fight back. 

We’ll cover:

  • The latest trends surrounding your consumers’ credentials available for sale
  • The most insidious infostealer that that should be on your radar
  • The role anti-detect browsers play in bypassing existing fraud controls
  • Preventative measures to protect your consumers from a growing number of criminal tactics


  • Chip Witt, Vice President of Product Management, SpyCloud

ELIGIBILITY: This webinar is open to RH-ISAC Core Members and retail and hospitality cybersecurity practitioners eligible for Core Membership. Ineligible registrants will have their registration canceled. To learn about eligibility, visit Email [email protected] with any questions.