The digital storefront is of critical importance to the retail, hospitality and travel industry, particularly as the shift to online-only and omnichannel shopping has accelerated. This means your digital storefront has become the de facto way for consumers to discover, shop and interact with your brand. As digital traffic has grown, so has cybercriminal activity: behind the surface of your storefront, account and payment fraud, inventory hoarding and identity theft are skyrocketing. Retailers need to increase awareness of these malicious cyberattacks, and take a new approach to safeguard their digital storefronts, customer experience and brand reputation.

In this session you will learn about:

  • Automated fraud attacks and how to spot them
  • The impact these hidden threats have on your customers’ digital journey
  • Effective strategies to help protect your storefront and your revenue
  • Best practices that leading retailers have implemented to protect their digital storefront from home page to checkout

Speaker: Kim DeCarlis, Chief Marketing Officer, PerimeterX

ELIGIBILITY: This webinar is open to RH-ISAC Core Members and retail and hospitality cybersecurity practitioners eligible for Core Membership. Ineligible registrants will have their registration canceled. To learn about eligibility, visit www.rhisac.org/membership. Email [email protected] with any questions.