In 2020, we saw a huge shift in consumer behavior. Online shopping has quickly become the new normal for retailers to engage and keep customers. While malicious online threats have been on the rise, experts predict we haven’t seen the worst of it and that these threats are not only something we should expect, but something for which organizations should prepare. In this webinar, Matt McGuirk, senior solutions engineer at Source Defense, will discuss several emerging business and technology trends that will impact eCommerce in 2021. Attendees will hear best practices on how to avoid upcoming threats, and ways to protect their eCommerce sites.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Top eCommerce threats coming in 2021
  • Introduction to web session attacks, including Magecart, formjacking, and eskimming
  • How to protect against eCommerce threats and risks


Matt McGuirk, Senior Solutions Engineer, Source Defense

ELIGIBILITY: This webinar is open to RH-ISAC Core Members and retail and hospitality cybersecurity practitioners eligible for Core Membership. Ineligible registrants will have their registration canceled. To learn about eligibility, visit www.rhisac.org/membership. Email [email protected] with any questions.