Why MFA & WAF Are not Enough to Protect Critical Apps

RH-ISAC CISOs have Spoken! Application security was identified as a key initiative in the recent Benchmark and will be a focus area in 2022 for many to mitigate cybersecurity-related risks. In the first CISO Roundtable of the year, Vivek Khindria, vice president of cyber security, networks, critical facilities, and technology risk at Loblaw and Angel Grant, head of product for F5 join us to speak on this top challenge for retail and hospitality industries.

Ensuring that your applications, websites, and APIs are secure and that your customer’s journey is not disrupted is a year-round job. How do you build security into applications from the start? What do you need beyond your firewall and web application firewall to disrupt threat actors before they impact your customers?

This interactive discussion explores how tactics of cybercriminals are becoming part of a supply chain of specialized and automated services.

This event is exclusive to retail and hospitality CISOs only. Register on Member Exchange. 


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