Cybersecurity threats facing private industry have reached a frequency and intensity previously unseen. Attacks that were once viewed as highly sophisticated only a few years ago are no longer just the province of Russia and China, and can now be perpetrated by a wide range of actors, some of whom are less inhibited by reputational risks and deterrence. In this session, Alex Iftimie, former counselor to the U.S. attorney general and counsel to the assistant attorney general for national security, will discuss the current cyber threat landscape, the rise of blended and hybrid cyber threats, and the evolution of responses from both government and industry. He will also cover key considerations for strengthening cybersecurity programs, crucial best practices for CISOs and C-suites in ensuring cyber and data resiliency, and lessons learned from his representation of FireEye in connection with the recent SolarWinds compromise. 

Key Takeaways:

  • An overview and understanding of ransomware and cyber extortion in relation to private industry.
  • Potential ways the U.S. Government will address these growing threats in the next presidential administration.
  • How those in private industry can prepare for, mitigate, and combat these growing cybersecurity threats.


Alex Iftimie, Former Counselor to the U.S. Attorney General and Counsel to the Assistant Attorney General for National Security

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