RH-ISAC President, Suzie Squier, will be presenting at the Wipro CISO Colloquium on October 13. The Colloquium is an independent platform committed to fostering dialogue and collaboration between the global cybersecurity community including leaders, practitioners, analysts, white hat hackers, researchers, and universities. Suzie’s session will be an online round table discussion scheduled for 5:20 PM ET. Key topics discussed during this event include insider threat management, speed of digital transformation, and supply chain threats. Register here.

Other leading thinkers on the program include:

  • Andy Kirkland, Global CISO – Starbucks
  • Niall Browne, Global CISO – Palo Alto
  • Subha Tatavarti, CTO – Wipro
  • Tony Buffomante, SVP & Business Head Cybersecurity & Risk Services – Wipro
  • Dennis Joshua, CISO Americas – Wipro 
  • Jay Leek, Cybersecurity VC Investor, Former CISO – Blackstone
  • Drew Rose, CSO – Living security
  • Bruce Schneier, Cybersecurity Guru – Schneier Security
  • Kevin Mitnick, Chief Hacking Officer – KnowBe4
  • Thierry Delaporte, CEO & Managing Director – Wipro