Target CISO and Cyber Intelligence Team to Speak at the Retail Cyber Intelligence Summit

Target’s CISO and Cyber Intelligence Team will be presenting during three different sessions at the upcoming Retail Cyber Intelligence Summit taking place September 24-25, 2019 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Denver, Colorado. Speakers include a wide variety of perspectives, from CISO Rich Agostino, discussing industry benchmarking to analyst Kyle Davis talking about building a threat intelligence program, and senior analyst Derek Thomas discussing how to track cyber threat actors. You won’t want to miss out what on Target has to say during these three sessions.

Rich will moderate the closed door panel, Report Out: 3 Industry-Specific Benchmark Studies,” which will introduce two first-of-their-kind industry benchmark studies followed by a discussion on the CISO Committee’s next survey topic. The two benchmarks answer two pressing questions: How do our digital environments compare to our peers? and How many of our associates are clicking on harmful links? In the last half hour, Rich will lead a discussion on what reporting would be useful to gather in our annual CISO Committee Benchmark Survey. This session is open to CISO Committee members only.

Kyle Davis, Principal Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst, of Target will be discussing, “Building a Threat Intel Program 2.0” in a panel discussion with leaders from PepsiCo, Crutchfield Corporation, and Dollar Tree. Programs can differ greatly depending upon the makeup of the retail organization. A one-size-fits-all model for threat intelligence is impractical and imprudent, yet understanding how others have proceeded down this path is helpful in informing the implementation process for your own program. Building from a 2018 session, this panel discussion explores perspectives on standing up a threat intel program with practical recommendations to help guide you on your journey.

Derek Thomas, Sr. Information Security Analyst, will highlight how the role of threat intelligence is growing, but many organizations still struggle to understand cyber adversaries and their tactics. His presentation “Tracking Threat Actors Like a VCR” will have you tap into old school skills of a Friday night Blockbuster Video Rental and getting that VCR to track just right. Tracking adversaries just right and using suggested tools for analysts and provide examples of actionable intelligence that results from collecting this information.

The Retail Cyber Intelligence Summit is tailored for strategic leaders and cybersecurity practitioners from both physical and online retailers, gaming properties, grocers, hotels, restaurants, consumer product manufacturers and cybersecurity industry partners. The full conference agenda and information on how to register is available here:

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