The RH-ISAC is a member of the National Council of ISACs (NCI) and a participant in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Cyber Information Sharing and Collaboration Program (CISCP). Through the CISCP, the RH-ISAC shares threat information with DHS affiliated agencies including the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), United States Secret Service, United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT), and others. We also work with industry trade associations to provide cybersecurity resources and education.

Become an Organizational Partner

This no-cost partnership opportunity provides retail and hospitality trade associations with a go-to resource for cybersecurity content, so they can in turn educate their membership on information security trends and how to best defend against cyber threats.

RH-ISAC Organizational Partners have a non-exclusive, no-cost agreement with the RH-ISAC to provide the association with relevant cybersecurity content and subject matter expertise. No contracts or formal agreements are required.

In return, RH-ISAC is able to educate trade associations and their members on cybersecurity topics in order to fulfill our mission to protect all consumer-facing industries against cyber threats. Collaboration between RH-ISAC and trade associations improves the entire sector’s overall ability to prevent and respond to threats and to reduce the impact of significant cyber incidents on sector stakeholders.

Organizational Partnership with RH-ISAC is a no-cost collaborative opportunity that will provide your association with:

  • Presentations & Publications: A go-to source for cybersecurity content including speakers for your events and webinars, co-branded reports, and curated publications
  • Industry Trends Briefing: Briefings on current cybersecurity trends and the threat intelligence landscape for your sector and members
  • Federal Agency Access: An introduction and a conduit to federal law enforcement and security agencies, such as the FBI and DHS
  • Events: Access for your members to select RH-ISAC events.
  • Annual Conference: An invitation for your staff to our Cybersecurity Intelligence Summit free of charge
  • Incident Response: Assistance coordinating activities in the event of a significant cyber incident
  • Collaboration Portal: Access to a community in our Member Exchange for association staff as a platform for collaboration.

Contact Luke Vander Linden at [email protected] to learn more and sign up as an organizational partner.

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