Strategic and tactical information sharing channels

Expand your network and intelligence program through RH-ISAC strategic and tactical information sharing channels to advance trust, share practical advice and experiences, increase visibility, and improve cyber intelligence capabilities.

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threat intelligence products

Finished threat intelligence products

RH-ISAC analysis and research helps your organization prioritize industry threats, formulate intelligence-driven strategy, and mitigate risks. RH-ISAC analysts gather shared intelligence data and publish finished intelligence products on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.


RH-ISAC is in the unique position to provide industry-specific benchmarking on organizational structure, information security practices and processes, and compliance issues through both formal benchmark studies and informal requests.

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Education, training, and networking opportunities

Improve your team’s capabilities by taking advantage of education and training opportunities that share insights on leading practices and allow teams to learn at their own pace – all while expanding your network.

Join the RH-ISAC community!

RH-ISAC members receive trusted and timely expert information that increases sector-wide knowledge of cybersecurity threats.