What is an Associate Member?

Organizations that engage with retailers as product or service providers may request an application to participate in the RH-ISAC community as Associate Members. Associate Members are industry-leading providers committed to adding value within the RH-ISAC community and the activities it supports, understanding industry challenges and supporting member companies.

To drive the strongest possible exchange of value between Associate and Core Members, Associate Member applications will be carefully considered based on the organization’s ability and commitment to contribute to the RH-ISAC’s mission of advancing the collective capabilities of cyber security professionals in retail and customer-facing companies in the retail ecosystem.

Associate Member Benefits

  • Associate Member logo, company name, and brief company description displayed on Associate Member section of the RH-ISAC website
  • Associate Member-contributed products, services, and intelligence made available to retail members on an ongoing basis to be featured in member benefits section of RH-ISAC website
  • Space on RH-ISAC Collaboration Portal to post white papers, blogs, and other promotional material
  • One invitation to RH-ISAC Cyber Intelligence Summit
  • Opportunity to secure RH-ISAC member event sponsorships at 10% discount from list price and in advance of public promotion
RH-ISAC associate members

Our Associate Members

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