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Listen to the most recent episode: You Can Stop Stupid: Security Awareness Month

In this episode of the RH-ISAC podcast, Ira Winkler, former CISO of Walmart, and author of “You Can Stop Stupid”, shares how we can start designing systems with controls in place to limit the damage caused by human error. Then, Mike Britton, CISO of Abnormal Security, shares how they’re using automation to stop the next generation of email threats.

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Preparing for PCI DSS 4.0 & Monthly Intel Threat Briefing

In this episode of the RH-ISAC podcast, Lee Clark, RH-ISAC’s cyber threat intelligence analyst & writer, shares monthly threat trends including information on the recent Lockbit builder code leak and MFA bombing. Then, Idan Cohen from Reflectiz shares how you can prepare for PCI DSS 4.0 to make sure you remain compliant.

Creating the 2022 Summit & Christy Elgee Member Spotlight

In this episode of the RH-ISAC podcast, Alex Brown, director of events, talks with members of the Summit Working Group about the content at this year’s event. Then, Kristen Dalton, director of strategic cyber engagement, research, and analytics, chats with our September Member Spotlight, Christy Elgee, about how she transitioned from business into cybersecurity with the help of the SANS Institute’s Women’s Immersion Academy.

Jordan Bodily Member Spotlight & The Future of Cloud Security

In this episode of the RH-ISAC podcast, Ian Furr, our security integrations engineer, interviews Jordan Bodily, infrastructure security engineer at BigCommerce. Jordan describes his start in cybersecurity, “drinking from a firehose”, and how being a member of the RH-ISAC sharing community has helped him and his team. Then, our president, Suzie Squier, interviews Jim Reavis and Troy Leach from the Cloud Security Alliance who share with us some of the trends they’re keeping an eye on, such as blockchain and post-quantum cryptography.

Fraud Along the Customer Journey & Retail Intel Sharing Trends

In this podcast episode, Nate Kharrl and Anthony Micara from Spec discuss organizational challenges that prevent fraud detection across the customer journey. Then Lee Clark, from RH-ISAC’s intel team, shares how RH-ISAC’s member community sharing trends compare to those of the broader retail industry.

Shadow IT & Passwordless Authentication:

In this episode of the RH-ISAC podcast, Bel Lepe, Co-Founder & CEO of Cerby, shares how security teams can regain control of their shadow IT, or unmanageable applications. Then, Derek Hanson Vice President, Product Evangelist, at Yubico discusses how passwordless authentication and phishing-resistant MFA can help you accomplish business goals and improve the retail and hospitality customer experience.