What is an Associate Member?

RH-ISAC Associate Members are industry-leading providers committed to adding value within the RH-ISAC community and the activities it supports, understanding industry challenges, and supporting member companies. RH-ISAC works with Associate Members to provide RH-ISAC Core Members discounts to programs and services. Associate Members provide many benefits to RH-ISAC members including:
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360 Privacy logo

Free one-year subscription for one executive

RH-ISAC members get an exclusive 12-month membership for one (1) executive at our flagship 360 Enterprise tiered offering. This includes the removal of Personally Identifiable Information from 400+ public data broker websites, Monthly Deletion Reporting, and Optional Decoy data deployment.360 Privacy’s mission is to protect the digital identity, security, and reputation of high-profile executives, athletes, and high net-worth families. Digital identity is at the intersection of physical security, cyber, fraud prevention, and reputation. Powered by proprietary technology and an expert team, 360 Privacy correlates, analyzes, and deletes data daily to protect your digital identity, keeping it out of the hands of sophisticated threat actors, fraudsters, and other criminals.

To redeem, email the individuals below with the subject line “RH-ISAC Exclusive Offer: 360 Privacy”

Data Dome logo

Free 30-day Trial

Start a free 30-day trial and see which sophisticated threats are reaching your website, mobile app, and APIs across all transaction points—from login to product listings to payment.

  • Identify gaps in your security.
  • Get alerts when you are under attack.
  • Explore detailed reporting and real-time analytics.
  • Compare your bot traffic against industry benchmarks.

You’ll get a full assessment and actionable recommendations from our industry-recognized threat research and SOC team experts.

Start your 30-day free trial – no credit card, no commitment, deploy easily on any web infrastructure:

Flare logo

10 identifiers free for 1 year + 20% Discount on a Full License


Each RH-ISAC member will be able to redeem 10 identifiers for 1 year, completely free (max 3 top-level domain identifiers). In addition, RH-ISAC Members who upgrade to a full Flare license will be given a 20% discount on their first year, and 15% discount for subsequent years.What’s an identifier? Our identifiers are search terms used in the platform such as your domain name, the names of key VIPs in your organization, maybe internal project names or other terms that you want us to search and then we take our red team experience within the system and augment your terms with hundreds of other terms. Name, email, domain, IP Address, and company name are some identifier examples.


Flashpoint is committed to leading the way in providing value to all Core Members — and to strengthening our partnership during these uncertain times. In this vein, Flashpoint is offering a complimentary, risk-free offer for RH-ISAC members to receive 90-day access to the Flashpoint Intelligence Platform and all associated finished intelligence, data, analytic dashboards and collections. The trial also includes access to compromised credential monitoring and targeted customer support throughout. Flashpoint will also turn on access to Partner Integrations and API as needed for organizations to better implement within their existing environments.

Free access for up to two users to the Flashpoint Intelligence Platform for 90-days.


RH-ISAC Core Members receive access to the Fortinet Developer Network (FNDN). FNDN is the source for official API documentation for Fortinet products. There are helpful tools and scripts for developing custom and innovative solutions. The Fortinet Developer Network also allows our customers and Fortinet professionals to interact with one another, get help with API-related questions, share example code, and upload their own tools. A Fortinet Developer Network subscription is the best way to get started on your next big project. 

Free access to the Fortinet Developer Network (FNDN).

Save up to 50% off on Challenge when combined with Pentest.

Penetration testing engagements satisfy compliance obligations, but to find the most elusive vulnerabilities, organizations also need continuous adversarial feedback for their critical applications. That’s where the HackerOne Pentest and Challenge solution comes in.

  • HackerOne Pentest-as-a-Service finds high or critical vulnerabilities in about 20% of engagements vs. traditional pentests that find few, if any.
  • A HackerOne Challenge is essentially a time-bound Bug Bounty, with a separate set of select vulnerability hunters incentivized to find the risks that even highly skilled pentesters were not able to find.

Elevate adversarial security testing by combining HackerOne Pentest for penetration testing as a service (PTaaS) with HackerOne Challenge for vulnerability hunting.

Other discounting options are available if either Challenge or Pentest alone better suits your needs.

Intel 471

Intel 471’s Vulnerability Intelligence provides contextual insight beyond what is being exploited in the wild based on known attacks and open source information. To help organizations stay ahead, Intel 471 provides the precursors that often take place before attacks. This enables their clients a more proactive approach by being informed on increased interest levels amongst threat actors, proof-of-concept (POC) code being developed, traded or sold, and ultimately knowing when weaponization and productization of the code is being integrated into exploit kits, exploit packs or other tools. 

Intel 471’s Vulnerability Intelligence delivers this capability via a regularly updated dashboard that tracks the life cycle of significant vulnerabilities observed in the underground – from initial disclosure to exploit weaponization and productization. Vulnerability Intelligence offers an analyst-driven assessment of priority vulnerabilities beyond volumetric keyword hits, which just isn’t adequate in today’s world. 

Exclusive pricing for Intel 471’s Vulnerability Intelligence.

Level 6

Extended Access to the LISN Early Adopter Program + 60% OFF first year of LISN access


RH-ISAC members that join the LISN Early Adopter Program receive access to LISN beta through May 2023, as well as full access to LISN v1.0 from the end of the program through December 31, 2023, all for 60% off the standard LISN membership fee. A two-year contract is required at signing and can be canceled at any time.

The LISN analytic tool suite uses the power of artificial intelligence to analyze what statistically works and fails in cybersecurity, delivering detailed answers to the most pressing information security questions every organization faces. These answers are based on cybersecurity ROI calculations from real-world data, giving cybersecurity decision-makers actionable guidance on what security strategies to employ for maximum organizational benefit.


As an RH-ISAC ‘Associate Member’, Kasada is committed to providing the most effective and easiest to use bot mitigation service, while educating organizations on the automated threats impacting eCommerce organizations today.

We offer a free instant Bot Threat Report for the site of your choosing. This report provides an initial assessment on how effective your site is at detecting and stopping modern bot attacks that evade detection from most systems.

In addition, for qualified RH-ISAC members, we offer an in-depth free 30-day proof-of-concept (POC) implemented in 30 minutes to monitor and assess your website bot traffic.

Free instant Bot Threat Report for the site of your choice.

Free 30-day POC to monitor and assess your website bot traffic.

Free 30-day trial of the RiskRecon portal to see the security ratings of up to 50 vendors

Get free access to the RiskRecon portal and see the security ratings of up to 50 vendors of your choice. You’ll receive access security ratings for up to 50 vendors in your ecosystem, a RiskRecon report of your own organization, risk prioritized security findings via RiskRecon’s unique Risk Priority Matrix, and a quick start guide to assist with your on-boarding and full access to our expert Solutions Consulting team.

Security Scorecard

1-year complimentary SecurityScorecard Enterprise License to monitor your company and up to 5 other companies

SecurityScorecard scores and monitors over 12 million companies using an A to F grade scale that correlates with breach risk (F Companies are 7.7X more likely to be breached than A Companies). The platform can score and monitor the external cybersecurity posture of any organization using non-intrusive methods and show it how to improve via actionable detail.

You and your team can leverage SecurityScorecard for a variety of use-cases that include, vendor risk management, enterprise monitoring, board reporting, M&A and regulatory compliance.

SpyCloud Logo

Get a free 2-month lookback of your domain’s stolen web session cookies

Session hijacking (or trusted user fraud) is one of the hardest forms of fraud to detect. It starts with a malware-stolen cookie for a still-active session, and it ends with a criminal impersonating your customer without setting off any red flags on your end.

SpyCloud is working with consumer-facing businesses to identify malware-infected users who are at risk of account takeover fraud due to session hijacking. With early warning of stolen cookies, security teams can invalidate compromised sessions, protect their customers’ accounts, and protect the company’s bottom line