Worth The Investment

I’m a bit behind in my reading, so just finished the PYMNTS.com article, “Don’t Bite the Phish Hook,” from August 23 which references RiskIQ’s 2017 State of Enterprise Digital Defense Report. The article suggests that companies “Invest in three things: people, process and tech.” I would add one other – an Information Sharing & Analysis Center (ISAC).

For retail and consumer-facing industries, such as hospitality, gaming organizations, restaurants and, increasingly, consumer product companies, the Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center (RH-ISAC), which houses the Retail ISAC, provides the opportunity to have hundreds of other eyes and systems assisting you through dynamic sharing of indicators, threat actors and vulnerabilities. They’re also assisting you with best practices in remedies and solutions.

Through the RH-ISAC, information security executives from large companies with sophisticated programs down to those from smaller to mid-size companies with more limited resources work together to make true the saying “a rising tide raises all boats” – defeat the common threat of cyber attacks. In my conversations with companies big and small, I hear time and again how valuable the information shared within the RH-ISAC is to their operations. Some have quantified it to demonstrate a positive return on investment for their membership dues. All realize that we’re stronger together.

If you haven’t looked into joining the RH-ISAC, I encourage you to drop me a line at [email protected]. For pennies on the dollar, the RH-ISAC can extend your reach and network to fight cybercrime, and be a complement to your information security team without adding to your headcount.

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