Member Spotlight: Noah Kischuk

Noah Kischuk shares why he loves cybersecurity and how intel sharing is improving his threat detection and response.
Noah Kischuk

Our first Member Spotlight of 2022 is Noah Kischuk, a security engineer at PetSmart. Noah joined the PetSmart team in October of 2021, after spending two and a half years with a public state organization pulling double-duty as both systems administrator and incident response analyst. Having earned his degree in information technology with a focus in cybersecurity, Noah was uniquely equipped for the position, but he’s now happily diving full-time into infosec in his new role.

Since joining PetSmart, Noah has become an active participant on RH-ISAC’s sharing platforms, including dialing in for the weekly intel call hosted every Tuesday. The call provides a platform for analysts to discuss what they’ve been working on lately and any threats that may be relevant across the industry.  

We asked Noah to tell us about how he is adjusting to his new position and how RH-ISAC is helping him expand his skillset.

What do you enjoy most about cybersecurity?

Noah: The one thing I enjoy most about cybersecurity is that there are constant puzzles to solve – it’s what keeps things interesting. In many other fields, there’s a point where you may master what you do and hit a plateau, but what I like about cybersecurity is that there is no final boss – it’s a never-ending, always-changing game.

Is there a learning curve to cybersecurity?

Noah: The learning curve is that it’s impossible to know everything. When a major zero-day vulnerability comes out regarding a widespread system I was previously unfamiliar with, it requires me to learn everything I possibly can so I can begin my response early and efficiently. It’s sort of like trying to study right as a pop-quiz is announced to the class. It’s difficult to do and can lead to some long hours, but it certainly keeps things interesting!

What has been the most beneficial part of being an RH-ISAC member?

Noah: It’s incredibly helpful bouncing questions off other professionals and gaining insight into what they’re doing within their own team to protect against a certain threat. Whether it’s a recommendation for a certain security tool or explaining how they survived a particular attack, the shared knowledge can provide a huge boost to our own security posture. I hope our own findings have assisted other teams in the same fashion.

Simply sharing IOCs, details and techniques after a recent attack provides foresight for individual companies yet to be affected and bolsters the security defenses of the industry as a whole.

What do you do outside of work?

Noah: I enjoy snowboarding in the winter and golfing in the summer. I also enjoy repairing my cars as a hobby – it’s satisfying getting all the work done all on my own. I keep myself busy year-round!

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