Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center (RH-ISAC) Announces New Executive Director

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEJuly, 7, 2017                             

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                           The RH-ISAC will expand its sharing capabilities in the coming months

Washington, DC — Retail and Hospitality Information Sharing and Analysis Center (RH-ISAC) announced today it has hired Suzie Squier to serve as its executive director. As executive director of the center, Squier reports directly to the RH-ISAC Board of Directors and is responsible for management of the organization, and continuing to develop and expand the capabilities of the center’s Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC).

Squier has been connected to the RH-ISAC from day one and has a wealth of management experience. In her previous role at the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA), Squier was integral in the origination and formation of the RH-ISAC. As RILA’s executive vice president of member services, she also oversaw the membership and marketing functions, and had oversight of the CIO Leaders Council, Cybersecurity Leaders Council and the Internal Audit Committee.

“The Board of Directors is excited about what the future holds for the RH-ISAC with the team in place and the addition of Suzie and her leadership,” Jim Cameli, chair of the RH-ISAC and global CISO at Walgreens Boots Alliance, said. “We have a great deal of positive momentum, and are looking forward to implementing the next iteration of RH-ISAC’s sharing platform.”

Squier officially began as executive director of the RH-ISAC earlier this month. She replaced Brian Engle who had previously served in the role. Squier oversees all operations of the RH-ISAC, including the Retail ISAC, membership engagement and education. She will play an integral role in continuing to move the RH-ISAC forward. Two key aspects of that are the new sharing architecture to be announced later this summer and the RH-ISAC’s Retail Cyber Intelligence Summit, in Chicago later this year.

“I look forward to continuing to develop the RH-ISAC’s capabilities and build solid peer-to-peer relationships within our community, with the government and in cross-sector relationships, to expand the real-time sharing of cyber threat intelligence and better protect the industry as a whole,” Squier said about her new role. Read more in Squier’s recent post on the RH-ISAC blog.

Squier will carry on the RH-ISAC’s engagement and partnerships with leading academic institutions, industry trade associations, government, law enforcement and cross-sector sharing forums. She will actively engage private sector stakeholders and government agencies to facilitate information sharing and strengthen the retail industry’s capability and capacity to mitigate risk from cyber attacks.

The RH-ISAC is the trusted cybersecurity community for retailers. consumer product manufacturers, grocers, hotels, restaurants, and cybersecurity industry partners worldwide.


The RH-ISAC is the trusted cybersecurity community for retailers. consumer product manufacturers, grocers, hotels, restaurants, and cybersecurity industry partners worldwide. The RH-ISAC supports its member base, representing more than $1 trillion in annual revenue, by serving as the conduit for collaboration and cooperation, and the sharing of threat intelligence and best practices. It builds and sustains valuable programs, partnerships, products, and opportunities that enable its members to increase their trust-based relationships, strategic knowledge and tactical capabilities. Through the RH-ISAC, members of all sizes and capabilities share cyber intelligence on incidents, threats, vulnerabilities, and associated best practices because, as a community, retailers understand they are stronger together.

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