Over the past few years, companies in the retail sector and other consumer-facing sectors have seen a convergence in the threats that they face from cybercriminals, fraudsters, and organized theft groups. These three types of adversaries are borrowing and learning from each other’s tactics and in many cases engaging in hybrid attacks – for example, using cyber attack tools and methods to perpetrate online fraud and facilitate in-store theft, or use well-known fraudster techniques to facilitate ransomware attacks.

This session presented at RSA will assess these blended threats and examine the ways in which retailers are addressing them. Speakers will share examples from recent incidents and cases. Attendees will gain a better understanding of this rapidly evolving blended threat environment and learn more about best practices to break down siloes and address these challenges within retail and other consumer-facing companies. Speakers include:

  • Suzie Squier, moderator
  • Christian Beckner, Executive Director, NRF Center for Digital Risk & Innovation / Vice President, Retail Technology & Cybersecurity, National Retail Federation
  • Ryan Miller, Senior Director, Cybersecurity, Target
  • Dave Estlick, CISO, Chipotle / Vice-Chair, Retail & Hospitality ISAC
  • Florian Brandner, Head of Global Information & Cyber Security, Puma