The RH-ISAC community is invited to attend Day 2 of the in-person Telecommunications-ISAC Summit, held at GSMA HQ in London.

Day 2 of the summit will be dedicated to developing engagement and highlighting the importance of threat intelligence sharing across industry verticals using MISP. We will be joined the Circl team who have specifically created sessions that will be of interest to members.

As an in-person event, the GSMA T-ISAC summit will provide enhanced networking opportunities between industry experts, participants will also benefit from a variety of interactive sessions featuring real-time Q&A. We will explore use-cases where we can show cross sectorial threats, the successes, and pitfalls of sharing across verticals to develop better strategies, taxonomies and other frameworks and the advantages of using them. In addition, we will cover initiatives such as Mail2MISP and other integration ideas. We plan to round off the day with a Capture the Flag exercise, with prizes up for grabs.