The free half-day (4 hour) virtual CTF exercise is dynamic and complex, and a fun way to engage in friendly competition among peers and mentors. Choose between a variety of offensive and defensive challenges designed to help cybersecurity professionals apply their skills in new and creative ways.

Whether you are an analyst looking to build skills across a variety of competencies like reverse-engineering, networking, forensics, and exploitation; or an information security team seeking ways to enhance roles and relationships through collaboration, this half-day (4 hour) virtual exercise is an opportunity to:

  • Develop technical skills alongside peers and industry experts
  • Learn out-of-the-box approaches to access networks and systems and fix vulnerabilities
  • Understand offensive methodologies, tools, and techniques

Play as an individual or as a team (up to five people per organization) in a competitive, yet educational environment. Challenges span multiple security disciplines and are organized by difficulty (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Moderators will be available to guide problem solving activities.


  • 1:30-2:00: Set-up virtual machines and verify connectivity
  • 2:00-2:30: Introductions, rules of engagement, event overview
  • 2:30-5:30: CTF Exercise
  • 5:30-6:00: Debrief and lessons learned

Questions? Email [email protected] for more information.