Attend this event to learn about new technologies in a low-pressure environment and discover how these solutions solve a challenge that is unique to companies in the retail and hospitality industries. Each company showcased has been vetted by the RH-ISAC Emerging Technology Committee.

This 1-hour virtual showcase will feature product demos from Gytpol and Fortra.


  • Tal Kollender, CEO & Co-founder
  • Alex Schuchman, CISO at Colgate-Palmolive
Challenge and Solution

Unlike vulnerabilities that are tied to technology flaws, device misconfigurations occur at the operational level rather than the design level. There are no universal standards and the design flaws are more nuanced – rooted in the deployment rather than the tech – and the “right” configuration depends entirely on the context. This provides a soft target for attackers, providing the launch pad for 1 in every 3 attacks and 80% of all ransomware attacks. This affects every business that operates network connected devices – whether IT, OT – including retail and hospitality. Gytpol automatically detects and systematically corrects misconfigurations that put connected devices at risk. The platform enables push-button remediation and reversion to secure any individual device or device group according to best practice standards and available controls.



  • Eric George, Director of Solutions Engineering
Challenge and Solution

Online counterfeit campaigns targeting retail and hospitality brands use deceptive tactics to divert unsuspecting customers to malicious storefronts, cannibalizing sales and eroding consumer confidence. Fortra’s Counterfeit Protection disrupts these threats by proactively detecting unauthorized brand use and swiftly taking down fraudulent ads, social profiles, and websites to stop the sale of counterfeit products.