Building Strength In Our Pack, by Jim Cameli, VP & Global CISO, Walgreens Boots Alliance

For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.The Law for the Wolves” by Rudyard Kipling

This is a favorite line of mine from Rudyard Kipling and one I truly believe sums up the value associated with being a member of the RH-ISAC. Our people, our companies, and our industries ALL become stronger through collaboration and information sharing. Furthermore. diversity within and across our memberships creates opportunities to build or improve threat intelligence, mitigation strategies, operational best practices.

Trust is key for the success of any information sharing program. RH-ISAC offers multiple platforms for our members to share information in a safe, secure, and trusted manner. At the same time. we believe it’s the face to face opportunities made possible through RH-ISAC which are perhaps the most powerful of benefit we offer. Put simply. shared human experiences are just as impactful and valuable as the information we choose to share.

Our team at Walgreens Boots Alliance has benefitted greatly from prior workshops held at other member companies, such as Target, TJX. and more. Now it’s our turn, and our team is proud to open our doors to both fellow and potential members for a deep dive into the issues with which we all likely wrestle. Our discussions will be interactive and led by practitioners; come prepared to share your experiences, ask questions, and offer new ideas!

No amount of money or resources can take the place of collaborating with and learning from those climbing the same mountains and charting this new frontier. No matter how big or how small a team, we all have something to share with and learn from each other.

If you’re in the Chicago area, please join us on April 16 at Walgreens University and help us continue strengthening the pack.

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