Key takeaways from the RH-ISAC’s week at RSA Conference

Hi, I’m Alex Brown. As Community Manager at the RH-ISAC, I’m thrilled to begin working with and learning from all of you on how to best facilitate conversations and disseminate information that drives value for you within your organizations and in the retail cybersecurity space. Kicking off what I hope to be an ongoing conversation, I wanted to share some information on what we’ve been up to thus far in 2017 and what we’re planning for all of you in the coming months.

Like many of you, the RH-ISAC team just wrapped up a brilliant week full of thoughtful conversation, strategy, development, and important security conversations at the 2017 RSA Conference. We connected with many from the ISAC and ISAO community, retailers, government agencies, associate members, and media partners. We’re energized and excited to move forward with partnerships that amplify opportunities to support the retail cyber intelligence community.

The RH-ISAC hosted several events at RSA. One session informed members of our 2017 initiatives that guide our advancement. We’re amplifying existing partnerships and building new ones to increase information sharing capabilities and enhance our access to intelligence that heightens strategic knowledge exchange. The RH-ISAC also facilitated a peer-to-peer discussion on digital transformation that focused on customer attack vectors, attacker innovation, strategies for mitigating risk, challenges and best practices in the field. Lastly, we had an open house on Friday morning for more informal conversation and connections with members. To those of you who took the time to attend our sessions, thank you for engaging and supporting the RH-ISAC community. We hope that your time spent with us was valuable.

Our inspired group of RH-ISAC staff are now diving head first into the 2017 Retail Collaboratory, the next big meeting for information security professionals within retail. This event, taking place May 9-10 in Frisco, Tx is a unique, two-day forum designed with workshop and whiteboard style sessions intended to shepherd meaningful dialogue that addresses retail critical subjects.

Look for an announcement in the coming week that highlights some of our exciting speakers and sessions. Interested in attending? Please go here to learn more about qualifications to attend, hotel information, and to register today.

Interested in participating in the agenda? Questions about the Collaboratory? Please reach out to me directly at [email protected].

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