Learn from the Biggest Names in Cybersecurity at RH-ISAC Summit, Sept. 28-29

The 2021 RH-ISAC Cyber Intelligence Summit features more than 20 presentations.
RH-ISAC Summit 2021

The premier event for retail and hospitality cybersecurity is almost here! The 2021 RH-ISAC Cyber Intelligence Summit will be held virtually on September 28-29. Although we will miss seeing attendees in person, the online format will allow you to attend from the convenience of your desk while still having access to interactive breakout sessions, networking opportunities, and presentations from the biggest names in cybersecurity.

We’ll have keynote speakers on both days of the conference, as well as open forum discussions, virtual tradeshow booths, and unique events such as morning yoga and afternoon wine tasting. View the full agenda here and check out some of the highlights below.

Day 1: Tuesday, Sept. 28

The keynotes and breakout sessions on the first day are as follows:

Opening Keynote – A Conversation with Chris Krebs: Christopher Krebs, former director of CISA, and founding partner of the Krebs Stamos Group, spotlights national security events emerging from the rise of ransomware, defending elections, major cyberattacks, and the growing challenges of disinformation.

Vulnerability Management at Colgate-Palmolive: Program Organization to Strategic Engagement: Learn how Colgate-Palmolive approaches vulnerability management, including both the tactical perspective of how they organize a vulnerability management program and a more strategic look at the broader culture shift.

Zero Trust for Frontline Workers: Join this session to understand the steps you should take to protect your users and your data with a modern zero-trust approach. Brought to you by Google.

Looking Through the Eyes of an Attacker: Targeting Active Directory in the Retail Industry: Dave Estlick, CISO at Chipotle, and Tony Cole, CTO at Attivo Networks, share why attackers target Active Directory and offer real-world use cases and steps for protecting your environment.

Third-Party Cybersecurity Risk: Supply Chain Integration: Learn how General Mills approaches their third-party cyber risk and supply chain integration practices and their work in building a Supply Risk Center of Excellence.

Supporting and Protecting Customers and Partners from Cybercrime: This panel discussion covers the impact of cybercrime and explores the current cybercrime reporting landscape globally, including the work of the Cybercrime Support Network.

Keynote – CISO Perspectives: Cyber Resiliency and Leadership: CISOs from Wayfair, Under Armour, and Wyndam Hotels & Resorts speak about how security leaders can make better-informed decisions that focus on risks, rather than tools, to improve their overall security posture. 

The Challenge of Detecting Threats in the Cloud: Explore specific characteristics of threat detection in cloud environments, and what organizations should do to align their security monitoring architecture to those threats.

Security Life for Small Teams: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas’ CISO, Michael St. Vincent, outlines security architecture methodology and recommendations for leaders of cyber teams working with limited resources.

Keynote – Scaling and Evolving Cybersecurity for a Digital-First World: Learn how a strong integration between cybersecurity, technology, and fraud sets Target up for success and how the team embraces agility and innovation to holistically protect the company and maintain trust with guests.

Day 2: Wednesday, Sept. 29

The keynotes and breakout sessions on the second day are as follows:

Keynote – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: What’s Our Role?: Building an equitable workforce is top of mind for many organizations, but what does this look like for cybersecurity practitioners and teams? Hear multiple viewpoints on how DEI is being addressed across the industry.

Understanding the Enemy – An Inside Look at Black Friday Dark Web Activity: See an inside look at the latest fraud schemes impacting the industry so you can be prepared for Black Friday. SpyCloud highlights what merchants can do to combat fraud tactics and gain tips for fraud monitoring and risk indicators.

Threat Actor Landscape: How are RH-ISAC members navigating the 2021 threat actor landscape? Panelists share the best ways to collect, manage, and analyze TTP data, and how they’re mapping TTPs to security controls.

Retail Security Challenges from a Financial Services Perspective: Saran Makam, head of security at Poshmark, and Shreyans Mehta, CTO and Co-founder of Cequence Security,  discuss automated attacks in retail and how they compare to the financial services industry.

Incident Response: Planning, Practice, and Persistence (TLP:RED): This TLP:RED session, for RH-ISAC Core Members only, explores current challenges in IR, use cases where information sharing is critical, and how to build and empower a self-mobilizing team and lead an IR practice in both peace and wartimes.

The Adversarial Mindset: Techniques, Prevention, and Best Practices: Taking real-life scenarios from eCommerce and retail customers, Synack talks lessons learned from implementing a crowdsourced security testing platform to combat attacks and uncover vulnerabilities over time.

Threat Intelligence the “EASY” Way:  Learn about the “Threat Intelligence EASY Framework,” a simple and practical guide for intelligence that can be applied to some of the common issues with implementing intelligence for teams and organizations.

MITRE Enginuity – Workbench & Demo: See a demo of MITRE Enginuity, a framework built specifically for the retail and hospitality sector.

Pandemic Lessons Learned in IT Security, Compliance, and Resilience from the Entertainment Capital’s Gaming and Hospitality Companies: Hear how IT teams in Las Vegas scrambled to replicate IT functionality in a disparate, work-from-home scenario without sacrificing security posture during the pandemic. 

Closing Keynote – Stranger than Fiction: An Inside Look at the Cyberweapons Arms Race: New York Times journalist and best-selling author Nicole Perlroth outlines the motivation and methodology behind foreign adversaries and share her thoughts on the role security plays in an accelerated, interconnected future, and the growing threat of cyberweapons.


This year’s event will be hosted on Pathable, the same virtual events platform used last year. Throughout the RH-ISAC Summit, you will have the chance to network with other cybersecurity professionals through chat, private messaging, and even scheduling 1:1 meetings. Don’t miss out on the industry’s top event! Register now.

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