Collective Genius, Common Purpose In-Person Events Build Relationships, Trust

As an information sharing and analysis center, the RH-ISAC provides many ways for information security teams to share not only IOCs but also information on processes, technology and other insights. As Suzie shared in her last letter, our membership community is very active in sharing – whether it’s via the technology platforms or participating on Cyber Thursday webinars or Weekly Intel Calls.

We already know that the most innovative work happens when diverse people interact closely with each other to integrate ideas in new ways. This collective genius is what shapes our always-evolving priorities and choices and helps take our individual defenses to the next level.  Following the highly successful workshops hosted by Las Vegas Sands and Walgreens, the RH-ISAC and PVH Corp. are proud to provide the opportunity for teams and practitioners in the New York metro area to come together for a day of sharing knowledge, experience and insights.

We asked area members for topics they would be interested in learning more about and have put together a strong agenda for the day:

  • PVH’s own Director of Information Security Operations Nicholas Zaky will lead a discussion on how to perform threat intelligence and data mine threat actor infrastructures using IOCs in your environment.
  • Jason Lay, threat intelligence lead at Qurate, which owns QVC, HSN and zulilly, will show us how we can turn the table on thieves who use social media as a reconnaissance tool to share individual data (and selfies) on the Deep Dark Web.
  • Phillip Miller, CISO at Brooks Brothers, will lead a discussion and share case studies on how to improve the security posture of your organization.
  • RH-ISAC analysts will review the threat landscape based on information shared in the RH-ISAC community.
  • Smriti Kawal Jaggi, threat intelligence analyst at Shape Security, will wrap up the day with a threat briefing.

Even more important than the virtual intel sharing we do every day is the networking and discussions that build relationships and deepen trust among our teams. Trust is created through in-person dialog and mutual respect during these face to face workshops. Deep trust will enable us to share more openly and freely whether through the listserv, threat intel calls, or through 1:1 intelligence sharing.

Join us on May 9 in NYC to do just that at the PVH Intelligence Workshop. Email [email protected] with registration requests! Find out more about the event here. We look forward to seeing you there!

P.S.  All are welcome to join us for a happy hour following the workshop. Details to come.

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