RH-ISAC goes to Canada

We took our workshop tour to Canada on Tuesday to host the first RH-ISAC Canadian Retail Cybersecurity Invitational with our partner, Deloitte. The one-day gathering brought cybersecurity professionals together from Canada’s leading retail, grocer, consumer products, entertainment, and hospitality organizations. The day increased local retailers’ awareness of shared cybersecurity challenges and we began meaningful discussions about how we can strengthen our collective cyber threat defense capabilities.

In Toronto, the day was complete with presentations from the RH-ISAC’s Tommy McDowell and Jennifer McGoldrick and Deloitte. We covered topics including a review of the retail industry threat landscape and why intel sharing matters for Canadian retailers. We also tackled issues such as actioning on threat intelligence, strategies for building an intelligence-led and business risk-focused programs, and how the RH-ISAC can help companies in these efforts.

With the uptick in cyber threat activity in Canada it was very valuable to bring current and new members together in Toronto. A couple of pictures from the day are below. We headed to Minneapolis after for our regional workshop at Target which took place on Thursday, June 7. Look for a recap from that event coming soon!

If you’re interested in attending, email us at [email protected]. Check our events page for other upcoming workshops and webinars, RH-ISAC.org/event.



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