Shape Security Experts Examine Attacker Innovations to Take Advantage of Accelerated Shift to Online Channels

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For most of 2020, the retail and hospitality industries have out of necessity doubled down on online channels as businesses in brick-and-mortar channels have been impacted by the online health situation. By some estimates, enterprises have pulled off as much as five years of digital transformation in just the six months. RH-ISAC members have focused on streamlining customer experiences, improving eCommerce conversion rates, and securing mission-critical applications.

But with this shift of more business to online channels come new or expanded attack surfaces as fraudsters evolve from commoditized cybercrime tools and techniques to unique and complex approaches. Even before the pandemic, online retailers endured more credential stuffing attacks than any other industry while hotels combated automated attacks that represent nearly half of their web traffic.   

Continuing its long-time partnership with RH-ISAC to keep the industry informed about the threat landscape, Shape Security, now part of F5, is providing the RH-ISAC Cyber Intelligence Summit two seasoned security industry leaders to present on the latest forms of custom attacks on the retail and hospitality industries as companies advance digital adoption to stay connected and improve services to their customers.  

Sumit Agarwal, vice president of analytic products at F5, will present on October 6 from 2:30-3:00 PM ET on “The Future of Application Security: Increased Revenue, Less User Friction.” This session will tackle today’s threat landscape and uncover how security executives are navigating digital fraud challenges to protect their brands. Sumit will offer provocative viewpoints on how everything from organizational design to the traditional KPIs we use to measure fraud and abuse may be handicapping our ability to defeat criminals and fraudsters, increasing user friction and impacting top-line revenue.

Dan Woods, former FBI and CIA special agent and current vice president of Shape Security’s Shape Intelligence Center, will present on October 8 from 2:15 – 2:45 PM ET on The Power of Data Interchange to Investigate Application Attacks.” During this presentation, you’ll learn how Shape can contribute data-driven insights developed over the years while defending many of the world’s most popular and most frequently attacked brands. Over the last year, the hotel industry has been under attack by cybercriminals issuing thousands of fake reservations. Credit cards used to make reservations are rejected and the guests never arrive. While the motive is unclear, the actions are costing hotels significant revenue from unfilled rooms. Shape threat research recently partnered with one of its hospitality customers to investigate and discovered an innovative automation attack impacting several brands across the hospitality industry – including members of the RH-ISAC community. Better and more timely information sharing across the RH-ISAC community can help quickly identify and stop attackers.

The RH-ISAC Cyber Intelligence Summit is a virtual, three-day event that brings together top cybersecurity leaders and teams representing the most prominent organizations in retail, restaurant, hotel, gaming casino, food retailer, consumer product, and other consumer-facing companies. The full conference agenda and information on how to register is available here.

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