Announcing the RH-ISAC Newsletter

Do you want timely industry news and an insider view of the RH-ISAC delivered directly into your inbox? Look no further! With the start of 2018, we’re introducing an easy-to-subscribe weekly newsletter. Stay on top of relevant news with content curated directly to you!

We have partnered with North America’s largest B2B publisher, MultiView, to produce our re-designed email brief, the RH-ISAC Newsletter. We know how important it is to have direct access to latest information, trends, and developments in our ever-changing industry. With this customized news brief, we’re proud to offer subscribers a hand-curated selection of relevant news and organization updates. We work with a dedicated MultiView news editor every week to ensure that stories in the RH-ISAC Newsletter are timely and interesting — that there is always something new and exciting in your inbox.

As a subscriber, you will receive weekly news, updates on significant events in industry, opportunities to attend virtual retail community discussions, and more. Sign up now by clicking here or by visiting and clicking subscribe.

If you’ve already subscribed, be on the lookout for the RH-ISAC Newsletter in your inbox coming soon.

Use your desktop, laptop, iPhone, tablet, or mobile device to easily access the RH-ISAC Newsletter and get the news you need to stay on top of the game.

Contact me, Corey Nihlean at [email protected] for more information or to sign up today!

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