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RH-ISAC Associate Member Offerings

Retail and hospitality companies are at the core of the RH-ISAC membership community, however, during hard times within our community, we often see the unsung heroes step up to the plate. These key players, RH-ISAC Associate Members, are leading security solutions and services firms who, through strategic partnership programs and initiatives, have a force-multiplying effect on value from RH-ISAC intel reporting, strategic research initiatives, and training programs. And just as there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to cybersecurity, no one solution provider has cracked the elusive formula for solving our industry cybersecurity challenges – yet when these solution providers align with RH-ISAC and its members, they are able to produce meaningful results that provide immense value to member organizations.

The current global pandemic has shined a light on the depth of relationships among RH-ISAC Core Members as demonstrated in the active sharing taking place, the success of our first virtual Regional Intelligence Workshop held earlier this month, and the enthusiasm members have shown for this year’s first fully virtual RH-ISAC Cyber Intelligence Summit taking place in October. On a similar note, associate members have demonstrated the depth of their commitment to supporting retail and hospitality by providing exclusive offers which help companies to maximize resources and leaning in to collaborate on strategic programs which promise a lasting effect on the cybersecurity resilience for the industries RH-ISAC supports.

By transforming its approach to evaluating and engaging industry solutions providers, RH-ISAC has been able to tap into another layer of valuable intelligence insights and analytics, bleeding-edge technology solutions, research expertise, and subject matter expertise which enhances membership value. Our strategy for solution providers is anchored in purpose and the vendor’s ability and desire to contribute in a meaningful way that advances the RH-ISAC mission. Just a few short months after adopting this new approach, COVID-19 entered the world stage and associate members have leaned in to stand by members when most needed.

We’re excited to unveil these new and improved offerings for our members, and want to emphasize just how excited we are to continue collaborating with RH-ISAC Associate Members on strategic opportunities that help us dive deeper and bring even stronger value to members now and in the years to come.

Cequence Security

Cequence Security offers RH-ISAC Core Members a 15% discount off the Bot Defense platform. Malicious actors are using more sophisticated methods to commit account takeovers, create fake accounts and scrape your web content – all with the intent of committing and disrupting your business. Cequence Security can help prevent loyalty points and gift card fraud today with the only solution on the market that does not require the use of cumbersome JavaScript or a Mobile SDK. Learn more about this exclusive offer.


RH-ISAC members are eligible for a 15% discount on a Cybrary for Business team subscription. This offering gives members the ability to assess, develop, and measure their team’s security skills and identify gaps that can inform learning objectives. The RH-ISAC intelligence team has recommended a curriculum aligned with the security operations center analyst role, with progression across Tiers 1, 2, and 3. Interested in planning your program? Cybrary advisors will guide you through the process. Sign up to get started here.


As the RH-ISAC ‘Associate Member of the Year’ for 2017 and 2019, Flashpoint is committed to leading the way in providing value to all Core Members — and to strengthening our partnership during these uncertain times. In this vein, Flashpoint is offering a complimentary, risk-free offer for RH-ISAC members to receive 90-day access to the Flashpoint Intelligence Platform and all associated finished intelligence, data, analytic dashboards and collections. The trial also includes access to compromised credential monitoring and targeted customer support throughout. Flashpoint will also turn-on access to Partner Integrations and API as needed for organizations to better implement within their existing environments. Please request access here.

HackerOne offers a diverse portfolio of products based on an organization’s security requirements and posture, attack surface and ability to remediate vulnerabilities in a timely manner.

HackerOne is providing an exclusive offer for RH-ISAC members to take advantage of a reframed version of HackerOne Response. This special offer includes three months of Advisory Plus Services.  Advisory Plus is offered in conjunction with HackerOne Response Enterprise edition, a highly configurable solution for sophisticated organizations to establish a compliant vulnerability assessment process for receiving and acting on vulnerabilities discovered by third-parties. The combination of HackerOne Response and Advisory Plus provides a white-glove experience with proactive support, customizable workflows, and proven best practices to successfully launch, manage and scale your security program from end-to-end. Register to learn more information here.

Intel 471

Intel 471’s Vulnerability Intelligence provides contextual insight beyond what is being exploited in the wild based on known attacks and open source information. To help organizations stay ahead, Intel 471 provides the precursors that often take place before attacks. This enables their clients a more proactive approach by being informed on increased interest levels amongst threat actors, proof-of-concept (POC) code being developed, traded or sold, and ultimately knowing when weaponization and productization of the code is being integrated into exploit kits, exploit packs or other tools. 

Intel 471’s Vulnerability Intelligence delivers this capability via a regularly updated dashboard that tracks the life cycle of significant vulnerabilities observed in the underground – from initial disclosure to exploit weaponization and productization. Vulnerability Intelligence offers an analyst-driven assessment of priority vulnerabilities beyond volumetric keyword hits, which just isn’t adequate in today’s world. RH-ISAC Members receive exclusive pricing for Intel 471 Vulnerability Intelligence. Contact [email protected] to learn more.


PerimeterX team supports RH-ISAC members by helping them to understand their company’s digital skimming risks and techniques used in recent Magecart attacks in addition to providing tailored recommendations based on the member company’s assessment and unique risks. This comprehensive deep-dive consultation is an exclusive offering developed specifically for RH-ISAC members and includes dedicated resources in place to support this member offering. Learn more here

Security Scorecard

SecurityScorecard is the global leader in cybersecurity ratings and the only service with over 1.4 million companies continuously rated. The platform enables you to instantly rate, understand, and continuously monitor the cybersecurity risk of any company, and is used by over 1,200 organizations around the world for third-party risk management, cyber risk monitoring, board reporting, and cyber insurance underwriting. SecurityScorecard offers organizations valuable insights into the vulnerabilities that exist in their own environments and their third-party ecosystems.

SecurityScorecard offers RH-ISAC members complimentary, no-cost access to SecurityScorecard’s Enterprise Cybersecurity Ratings platform. RH-ISAC members can use SecurityScorecard’s platform to continuously monitor their own organization as well as up to five (5) third-parties (i.e. vendors, suppliers); members who are existing SSC customers will be given the ability to monitor five (5) additional third-parties at no additional cost. In addition, each RH-ISAC member company is eligible to take advantage of preferred pricing on the following Vendor Risk Management license upgrade bundles (i.e. monitoring slots): 10 Company Bundle, 25 Company Bundle, 50 Company Bundle, 100 Company Bundle, 1,000 Company Bundle, 5,000 Company Bundle, 10,000 Company Bundle. To take advantage of this offer, please email [email protected].


Criminals are taking advantage of the global pandemic to perpetrate scams that are easy to fall for, designed to harvest credentials that can put your employees’ accounts at risk of account takeover. To ensure our member organizations are able to protect their employees’ accounts from compromise, our partner SpyCloud is extending a free 90-day subscription of their Active Directory Guardian product to new customers. The goal with this offer is to reduce the time your team has to spend investigating and remediating potentially compromised accounts. With less than an hour for install & set-up, SpyCloud Active Directory Guardian enables you to detect compromised Active Directory passwords using the largest database of stolen credentials in the world – and reset them automatically. You can even use it to identify passwords that aren’t compliant with the latest NIST guidelines. 

To learn more about this product, as well as their solutions to protect your consumer accounts, visit their website. To take advantage of this offer, contact [email protected] 

Tala Security shares a common vision with the RH-ISAC and its members in mitigating cyber risk across the retail and hospitality sectors.  They’re pleased to provide an exclusive offering for RH-ISAC member organizations: As part of any contractual implementation of Tala Security’s Client-Side Data Protection Platform, the first 90-days of service is offered without cost.  Learn more here: here.

Transunion TLOxp® is the ideal tool to conduct robust manual reviews and investigations that aid in the detection and prevention of fraud. TransUnion is proud to be one of the nation’s leading providers of risk and information solutions. Through the combination of TransUnion’s extensive data and analytics, with the data fusion capabilities of TLOxp®, Transunion brings even deeper insights to the challenges customers face. TLOxp is the latest generation of the technology that originated the science of data fusion. Built on an architecture of supercomputers running proprietary linking and assessment algorithms, TLOxp filters through a massive repository of public and proprietary data almost instantly. When you search with TLOxp, you receive detailed reports filled with actionable data in seconds. 

Try TLOxp today and get 14-days free and 10% off. TransUnion will also waive the onsite visit fee (a $60 value).

For more details, visit here


TruSTAR is an Intelligence Management Platform that helps you operationalize data across tools and teams, helping you prioritize investigations and accelerate incidence response. From streamlined workflow integrations, secure access control, advanced search, and the ability to automate data ingestion and normalization, TruSTAR ensures you get the right intelligence when you need it.

TruSTAR offers RH-ISAC Core Members a free 60-day trial of the TruSTAR Phishing Triage solution. This new feature takes the heavy lifting out of the sorting and prioritization of user-reported suspicious emails. Emails go into TruSTAR on one side, all the threat data being pulled in is normalized and scored, and then those emails are categorized into a high, medium, or low priority score. This allows teams to focus on what’s really important and operate efficiently. For more information, email [email protected] with “RH-ISAC Trial” in the subject line.

View the full roster of RH-ISAC Associate Members here.

In the spirit of driving long-lasting relationships, RH-ISAC has introduced a unique offer to provide eligible retail, travel, and hospitality companies with 90-days of membership at no cost. Under the offer, companies are able to take full advantage of member benefits for an added level of support while working to secure the company and adapt to COVID-19 circumstances. Since unveiling the offer in March this year, RH-ISAC has welcomed 12 new companies as trial members engaging in RH-ISAC’s active membership community. The 90-day membership offer will remain open to eligible and interested companies through the end of June. Interested companies can learn more by contacting [email protected].

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