RH-ISAC Taps TruSTAR as a new Partner in New Information Sharing Architecture

Today the RH-ISAC announced the addition of another threat intelligence partner, TruSTAR Technology.


TruSTAR is a valuable addition to the ISAC’s technology suite, built from the ground up the platform will increase our ability to break down barriers to intelligence exchange. The RH-ISAC now supports a more automated method to support ingest of member-shared data, to increase timely automated sharing of intel.


“Adding TruSTAR as a threat intelligence partner brings the RH-ISAC one step further in our strategic initiative to expand the capabilities of the Retail ISAC’s technology infrastructure. The RH-ISAC is breaking down barriers to information sharing and increasing the usability of actionable intelligence available for our users, allowing them to more easily ingest, act and mitigate cyber threats,” said Suzie Squier, Executive Director of the RH-ISAC. 


“TruSTAR gives RH-ISAC members the control and context they need to turn threat data into actionable intelligence,” said Paul Kurtz, co-founder and CEO of TruSTAR. “The platform we bring to RH-ISAC is not hypothetical. We power intelligence exchange across the financial services, energy, healthcare, and technology sectors. We are proud to bring our proven technology to the member organizations of RH-ISAC and facilitate the next generation information sharing among members.”

We will continue to share more information about new capabilities and partnerships as we continue to build our new architecture.


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