An Interview with RH-ISAC Board Chair, Colin Anderson

We recently interviewed new RH-ISAC Board Chair, Colin Anderson about his involvement with the RH-ISAC and his thoughts for its future. He sees opportunities to help members implement effective controls to manage their respective cybersecurity risks.


RH-ISAC: Can you tell us a bit about your background?

Anderson: After spending my early years in the workforce as a server, network and database engineer, I moved into computer security 20 years ago as I found it to be interesting and challenging—that assessment back in the ‘90s has proven correct. I really do enjoy the work, most days. On a more personal note, I coach youth sports, soccer and volleyball, the two sports I played growing up and in college. I love open spaces and hike in the hills around my home every week, accompanied by my wife and her favorite family member, our 100-lb Doberman, Kona.


RH-ISAC: What’s your personal approach to leadership?

Anderson: I’d describe myself as a situational leader. I have found one style does not work in every situation. Sometimes I am a coach, sometimes I am a collaborator and sometimes I direct. I am more analytical than creative and would describe myself as data-driven and results-oriented.


RH-ISAC: Why did you become involved in your organization, and what has your involvement looked like over time?

Anderson: I joined Levi’s as part of a new leadership team recruited to help return the Brand to its pinnacle. The challenge, leaders and belief in the mission are what attracted me to the role. The choice has proven to be a good one. Levi’s is a great place to work and the team I work with is fabulous. The fact that the Levi’s brand is connecting with consumers and growing globally is fantastic. Levi’s has delivered global growth since 2015 and we have had double-digit earnings growth for four consecutive quarters. No other apparel brand in the world is growing at the rate of Levi’s.


RH-ISAC: Are there any developments that have posed important new challenges to leaders of cybersecurity organizations?

Anderson: The two factors I feel have had the greatest impact on cybersecurity leaders are the pace of technical change and the digital disruption impacting every line of business. Technology is driving a digital revolution, and that technology is, more often than not, fraught with security concerns that need to be managed.


RH-ISAC: Why did you join the RH-ISAC Board?

Anderson: As one of the founding members of RH-ISAC, I joined because I believed in the mission and still do. We as an industry needed to come together and join forces to collaborate on our common cybersecurity risks. I believe strongly in the quote, “A rising tide lifts all ships.” If we as  the RH-ISAC community can help one another, then the entire industry will be stronger.


RH-ISAC: How would you characterize the board’s role in the RH-ISAC?

Anderson: The Board’s role is to influence strategic direction, provide advice and guidance on investments, and select and coach it’s leaders.


RH-ISAC: What/where would you like to see the RH-ISAC head in the next few years?

Anderson: We have a great opportunity to be the voice of the industry on cybersecurity, and provide the information, leading practices, tools and advice to help members implement effective controls to manage their respective cybersecurity risks.







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