Member Spotlight: Logan Johnson

Logan Johnson shares how collaborating with peers though RH-ISAC has helped improve Discount Tire's threat intelligence program.
Logan Johnson

Every month, RH-ISAC highlights a member who is making contributions to the global cyber security community and embodying the RH-ISAC mission to protect as one. This month we’re showcasing Logan Johnson, Senior Security Administrator with Discount Tire.

Logan first got into cyber security in the US Navy where he worked as an Information Systems Specialist starting in 2007. After several years, he transitioned into cyber security consulting for the Department of Defense before moving into the private sector in 2013.

While much of his initial training in information security took place on the job, in 2012 he decided to pursue additional formal education, graduating from National University in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology Management.

Discount Tire has been an RH-ISAC member since the very beginning of the RH-ISAC in 2015, granting their cyber team access to RH-ISAC’s numerous channels for information sharing. For Logan, who started to get involved after the 2020 Cyber Intelligence Summit, in addition to the exchange of knowledge, he has enjoyed being able to connect with other practitioners within the Retail and Hospitality industry. Logan is an active member of several of RH-ISAC’s working groups which allows him a space to work directly with his counterparts at other organizations to openly share how their companies are addressing issues, both security threats they encounter and problems with the technologies they use.

“In the current times we live in, no one vendor is perfect with their detections, so utilizing the information shared by other organizations is nice,” Logan says. “This helps us catch what our current tooling might not. The working groups help us validate problems we are seeing and opens our eyes to more that we can do.”

Discount Tire recently collaborated with RH-ISAC’s Director of Security Engineering & Integrations, Bradley Logan, to create a way to use the Trustar Python SDK and pull “RH-ISAC Vetted” threat intelligence into Splunk using the Splunk Threat Intelligence Framework. Once Discount Tire was able to move the system into production, in the spirit of RH-ISAC sharing, they provided documentation for Bradley to assist other RH-ISAC members in setting up similar processes.

Thank you to Logan Johnson for being an active RH-ISAC member and sharing with us your passion for cyber intelligence!

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