Member Spotlight: Nezha Ould Slimane – Marriott International

Member Spotlight- Nezha Ould Slimane

Nezha Ould SlimaneWe are thrilled to spotlight Nezha Ould Slimane, information security manager at Marriott International, this month. Nezha was recommended for the member spotlight series by a co-worker due to her impressive sharing skills, proactive nature, and sense of teamwork. She is not only a valued member of the Marriott team, but of the RH-ISAC community. She embodies the spirit of our slogan “protect as one”  and is constantly striving to better herself through the sharing here at RH-ISAC. Nezha earned a Master of Science in Biotechnology Management in 2013 from University of Maryland University College, and from there landed her first job in the cybersecurity world at LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, formerly Cyveillance. While there, she managed a large portfolio of clients from various industries. She made the move to Marriott International in 2020, and serves as an information security manager, focusing mainly on intelligence gathering and threat hunting.

Her sense of teamwork is a great fit for the RH-ISAC community, and she enjoys the many benefits that come along with being a member. She appreciates that intelligence can be shared in real-time, and the accuracy of that information enables her team to make the right choices regarding impending threats. The incredible collaboration within the ISAC is astounding to her, and she also appreciates when other members share intel writing tips, and open source intelligence tools.

“The weekly calls really give us the opportunity to discuss ongoing threats, and raise RFI’s within the group, and that is invaluable,” she said.

The multiple sharing channels are another thing Nezha uses frequently. By having access to multiple channels, it helps her team be proactive in mitigating risks and creates a broader picture of malware families being seen in the environment.

When we asked her if she had a specific story where someone at the RH-ISAC was able to help her, or vice-versa she said, “It’s not just one story, it’s every day. The wealth of intelligence gathered across the organization helps my team in daily hunts and risk mitigation!”

Thank you Nezha, for being an active member, and for all you do!

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