Member Spotlight: Tim Karns

Tim Karns, junior security analyst at Masonite, shares how the RH-ISAC member community has helped him stay ahead of phishing trends in his first professional cybersecurity role.

This month’s member spotlight is someone new to RH-ISAC and new to the cybersecurity field, but he has hit the ground running, quickly becoming an active participant on our sharing channels. Today we’re featuring Tim Karns, junior security analyst at Masonite, one of the leading manufacturers of interior and exterior doors for residential and architectural use.

Tim grew up with an interest in computers and technology, so he decided to pursue a degree in cybersecurity. He just graduated from the University of Tampa in May of 2021 with his bachelor’s, and he quickly secured his current role at Masonite. Here he is responsible for analyzing emails the company receives and taking action on them.

Phishing is one of the leading causes of data breaches and is routinely one of the most discussed topics on RH-ISAC’s Member Exchange, RH-ISAC’s online member community. Tim feels the greatest benefit RH-ISAC has brought to him in his new role is being able to see how different companies are being targeted by threat actors. This information allows him to look for similar threats in his own environment and be on the lookout for the types of threats that are targeting the retail industry.

In cybersecurity, staying ahead of potential threats is critical. Tim says, “New threats are constantly appearing and are becoming more complex. Having a community where threats and other information is shared benefits everyone. Teamwork makes the dream work! By receiving shared information from this community, every company is better off than they would be working alone.”

Though Tim is new to RH-ISAC, Masonite has been a member since 2016 and has several team members who are active on the sharing platforms. Tim says his senior security analyst has become his mentor, showing him the ropes, particularly when it comes to the software used to identify and evaluate all of the IOCs they receive.

Outside of work, Tim can be found golfing, hanging out with friends, or watching sports. His allegiances lie with the Capitals, Orioles and Chargers!

Thanks to Tim for sharing his story with us and for being an active participant in the RH-ISAC community! You can learn more about the  benefits of RH-ISAC membership here.

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