Past Events

Member-led Groups
Tue, June 02 | 11:00 AM EST
Operational Technology Special Interest Group
The objective of the Operational Technology (OT) Special Interest Group is to provide best practice collaboration for those retailers who may have manufacturing or plant capabilities and are concerned...
Member-led Groups
Thu, May 28 | 04:00 PM EST
Gaming & Hospitality Special Interest Group
The Gaming & Hospitality Special Interest Group fosters a secure, collaborative forum for gaming, hospitality, and entertainment organizations to share threat intelligence. Information shared through this special interest group...
Cyber Thursday
Thu, May 28 | 01:00 PM EST
CYBER THURSDAY: Third-Party Risk: How Much Control is Enough?
About: Every company, no matter how large or small, requires partnerships to succeed. Being able to strike a balance between risk and business value in those partnerships is key...
Cyber Thursday
Thu, May 28 | 11:00 AM EST
CYBER THURSDAY: Protecting Retailers From Advanced Threats Using EDR
About: Retailers today are rapidly deploying new technologies to advance their digital transformation strategies. These technologies are aimed at providing new omni-channel experiences for the customer, increasing purchase fluidity,...
Member-led Groups
Fri, May 22 | 02:00 PM EST
Third-Party Risk Management Working Group
The RH-ISAC’s newest member-led group will kick off this month with its first meeting on Friday, 5/22, at 2 PM ET. The Third-Party Risk Management group will develop an...
Member-led Groups
Thu, May 21 | 04:00 PM EST
Digital Fraud Working Group
Join the Digital Fraud Working Group on Thursday, 5/21, at 4 PM ET, for an interactive discussion on “E-Commerce Fraud Trends in the COVID Era: Modern Fraud Prevention Tactics...
Member-led Groups
Wed, May 20 | 02:00 PM EST
Loyalty ATO Executive Task Force
Join executive-level members from the RH-ISAC to discuss and collaborate strategically about security-related challenges associated with account takeover and loyalty programs. The first meeting for this new task force...
Member-led Groups
Tue, May 19 | 04:00 PM EST
Security Operations Working Group
The Security Operations Working Group is kicking off a new presentation series around best practices for security program development. The May meeting on Tuesday, 5/19, at 4 PM ET...
Member-led Groups
Tue, May 19 | 11:00 AM EST
Operational Technology Special Interest Group
Join the Operational Technology (OT) Special Interest Group on Tuesday, 5/19, at 11 AM ET to explore best practices around legacy systems and old technology in the OT environment....
Cyber Thursday
Thu, April 30 | 03:00 PM EST
CYBER THURSDAY: What Merchants Need to Know About the PCI Security Software Framework
About: Payment acceptance begins with confidence in the security of transmitting data.  As technology advances and new platforms emerge, the security of the software that supports those transactions becomes...