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Cyber Thursday
Thu, November 19 | 12:00 AM PT
CYBER THURSDAY: Relieving Intelligence Fatigue Through Automation
About: Processing and extracting value from threat data can be an overwhelming task. In a world where quickness, efficiency, and response can mean the difference between business as usual...
Wed, November 18 | 12:00 AM PT
Security Operations Working Group
Please join us for the next security operations program development session on Wednesday, 11/18, at 4:00 PM ET. This meeting will feature a facilitated discussion from Brett Cumming, information security officer...
Tue, November 17 | 12:00 AM PT
Hacker-Powered Data: Security Weaknesses + Embracing Risk
Vulnerabilities are a fact of life. Today, technology companies, enterprises and even governments are embracing collaborating with hackers to find vulnerabilities before cyber criminals have a chance to exploit...
Tue, November 10 | 12:00 AM PT
Staying One Step Ahead of Gift Card and Return Fraud
Just in time for the holiday season, learn how to identify common scams that major retailers are seeing across the industry. During this session, you’ll hear from Target about their newly...
Wed, November 04 | 12:00 AM PT
Email Security: One Member’s Journey to DMARC Enforcement
We heard you! Based on your responses on a recent RFI, we are hosting a collaborative discussion session on implementing DMARC REJECT enforcement for email security. Join Diane Brown, senior...
Tue, November 03 | 12:00 AM PT
A Threat Analysts’ Perspective on 2020 Gift Card Fraud Trends
As we gear up for holiday season, learn how retail and hospitality members are preparing to combat gift card fraud. Join us on Tuesday, 11/3, at 4:00 PM ET...
Thu, October 29 | 12:00 AM PT
RH-ISAC CISO Roundtable: The Growth of IoT Risks
From the promise of RFID to the growth of smart wearables, the Internet of Things has grown exponentially over the years. Along with benefits to operations and consumers, IoT...
Fri, October 16 | 12:00 AM PT
Splunk Users’ Group
This group will  discuss and share ideas about how to enhance Splunk to improve the effectiveness of your log data.
Cyber Thursday
Thu, September 24 | 12:00 AM PT
CYBER THURSDAY: How Vulnerabilities Power the Underground and What You Can Do to Stop Them
About: To beat the enemy, you must think like the enemy. Learn about the threat actor ecosystems that find, monetize, and use vulnerabilities in attacks. Conversely, find out how...
Cyber Thursday
Thu, September 24 | 12:00 AM PT
CYBER THURSDAY: An Industry Veteran’s Approach to Combating Phishing and Fraudulent Sites
About: Why is the challenge of online phishing and fraud not only so pervasive but GROWING? Join Mark Weatherford, chief strategy officer at the National Cybersecurity Center and former...