CyberInt and Retail & Hospitality Information Sharing and Analysis Center Collaborate to Enable Members’ Risk Cyber Risk Assessment

CyberInt: Protection Beyond the Perimeter

Tel Aviv & Washington, D.C. – September 23, 2019 – CyberInt, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions for retail and ecommerce, is collaborating with the Retail and Hospitality Information Sharing and Analysis Center (RH-ISAC) to drive RH-ISAC members’ resiliency with a risk profiling scorecard tool tailored to retail and hospitality providers.
Leveraging this unique risk profiling scorecard, CyberInt is launching a packaged solution for retailers and ecommerce players to address the specific cybersecurity and fraud challenges they face to ensure business operations and continuity and protect their customers and employee data as well as brand reputation.

The RH-ISAC operates as a central hub for sharing sector-specific cybersecurity information and intelligence, connecting information security teams at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels. RH-ISAC serves all retail and hospitality companies, including physical and online-only retailers, restaurants, hotels, gaming casinos, food retailers, consumer products, and more.

“The RH-ISAC encourages collaboration, sharing practices and benchmarking, all toward increasing security for the retail and hospitality sectors,” said Suzie Squier, president of RH-ISAC. “We are excited to collaborate with CyberInt and offer additional benefits to our members. CyberInt enables our members to assess their organizations’ risk appetite.”

CyberInt security products deliver cyber resilience, allowing companies to be agile, data driven, innovative, and customer centric. CyberInt Retail Protection is an intelligence-driven, retail risk management solution for the industry.

The modular solution includes the risk profiling scorecard developed for RH-ISAC, managed threat detection and response with actionable insights, and response actions or mitigation recommendations. It’s based on the ArgosTM digital risk protection platform, which includes, targeted threat intelligence, third-party cyberscore, digital presence monitoring, and proactive threat hunting services.

The CyberInt Retail Protection solution addresses the needs of retailers and ecommerce companies, which have become the top targeted industry for their data. They have faced increasing vulnerabilities as a result of digitization, cloud adoption, and the multichannel approach to satisfy customer expectations.

By providing full visibility into the merchant’s digital environment and threat landscape, the solution helps to

  • Cover known threats by detecting phishing, compromised data, and fraud activities.
  • Reduce attack surface
  • Eliminate noise by delivering prioritized actionable alerts
  • Deliver contextualized and enriched threat intelligence
  • Reveal unknown unknowns: investigating retail-targeting campaigns and threat actors

“Our newest solution, CyberInt Retail Protection, is a reflection of our experience and focus on the retail and ecommerce market ,” said Daniela Perlmutter, Vice President of Marketing at CyberInt. “RH-ISAC enables members to enjoy the benefits of this expertise starting from creating an effective cybersecurity program best suited to their risk profile and cybersecurity needs.”

CyberInt Retail Protection is now available.

About CyberInt

CyberInt ( transforms cybersecurity into a business enabler with targeted managed threat detection and mitigation. CyberInt delivers the only threat intelligence and digital risk protection platform combining cyber expertise and profound business understanding to deliver insights and actions that protect what matters most: the business goals, customers, employees, and brand. CyberInt serves top retail, finance, and gaming organizations around the world and has developed a deep understanding of the threats and needs particular to each industry.

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