Cybersecurity Collaboration in Retail & Hospitality Alive and Well

RH-ISAC reports 90% member participation for 2019

WASHINGTON, D.C., February 13, 2020 – The Retail & Hospitality Information Sharing & Analysis Center (RH-ISAC) highlighted two strong statistics in its 2019 “Year in Review” report:

  1. 90% of members contributed to the sharing community, and
  2. 100% of respondents to 2019 Member Satisfaction Survey would recommend RH-ISAC to industry peers.

“To witness the growth of members coming together to share not only the threats they are seeing,” commented Suzie Squier, president at RH-ISAC, “but also their practices and insights to help others continue to build their information security program is tremendously rewarding. I cannot thank our members enough for jumping in to help their peers.”

The RH-ISAC started in 2014 with 30 companies and has now grown to include more than 155 members from the retail and hospitality sectors. In the 2019 Member Satisfaction Survey, RH-ISAC had an overwhelming positive response from members, with 100 percent of respondents saying they would recommend RH-ISAC to their industry peers.

“My mantra has always been ‘a rising tide lifts all boats,’” expressed Colin Anderson, RH-ISAC board chair and global CISO of Levi Strauss & Co. “It is wonderful to see not only the growth of the organization, but the members coming together and joining forces to manage our common cybersecurity risks.”

Along with a 36 percent increase in sharing over 2019, the RH-ISAC also produced documents driven by its member-led committees, such as the “Anatomy of Account Takeover Guide” and “The Retail and Hospitality CISO’s Guide to Preparing for the California Consumer Privacy Act.” The community also responded to 100 requests for information covering such topics as digital fraud, cloud storage, control mapping and more. The final 2019 CISO Benchmark Study of Organizational Data will be published later this month.

To learn more about RH-ISAC’s 2019 accomplishments, read the RH-ISAC 2019 Year in Review.

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