Inside Cybersecurity: Retail info-sharing center forms group focused on cyber threats to hotel industry

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Retail and Hospitality Information Sharing and Analysis Center has formed the Gaming and Hospitality Cybersecurity Alliance to serve as a cyber information-sharing group for the hospitality and entertainment industries, with a particular focus on supply-chain protections.

“A successful cyber-attack can compromise customer accounts, weaken infrastructure, harm brand reputation, and also disrupt the supply chain,” an RH-ISAC official said in announcing the new group on Tuesday.

The GHCA will become a group within the RH-ISAC, which serves as an intelligence sharing community for over 500 member organizations, including consumer product manufacturing, retail, hotel, gaming and restaurant businesses.

“As members of the RH-ISAC, companies within the GHCA have the needed increased visibility of and context on observed threats in the ecosystem such as point-of-sale (PoS), reward points, gift card and other fraud activities, attacks focused on eCommerce/domains, while also accessing the private forum to facilitate discussion, sharing and benefit from dedicated intelligence analysis of gaming and hospitality specific threats,” according to the group’s statement.

The GHCA aims to create a “secure and collaborative forum” for detecting and sharing threat intelligence in order to help reduce risks to customers and businesses alike.

“Recognizing we are stronger acting against bad actors together, our goal for the GHCA community is to build trust and share information and actionable intelligence which will strengthen not only each company but our industries,” GHCA Co-Chair Scott Howitt said in a statement.…

“Cybersecurity is a high-priority risk that not only affects all aspects of a company, but also its industry,” RH-ISAC Executive Director Suzie Squier said in a statement. “Facilitated information sharing and intel analysis within the GHCA will strengthen our collective defense capabilities and improve the overall security of the broader ecosystem.” Squire also heads the Retail Information Sharing and Analysis Center, or R-ISAC.

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