RH-ISAC Announces New eCommerce Campaign for Retail, Hospitality, and Travel Sector

Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, PerimeterX, SecurityScorecard, Tala Security, and The Media Trust join forces with the RH-ISAC to address eCommerce concerns within retail, hospitality, and travel industry
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WASHINGTON, D.C. – April 13, 2021 – The Retail & Hospitality ISAC today announced a sector-wide eCommerce campaign in partnership with leading eCommerce security organizations to increase digital efficiency, security, and compliance within the retail, hospitality, and travel sector.

The digital sales environment is of critical and increasing importance to the retail, hospitality, and travel industry. To support RH-ISAC Member’s interests in reaching their pinnacle in the security, efficiency, and customer privacy of their digital retail environment, the RH-ISAC, Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC), PerimeterX, SecurityScorecard, Tala Security, and The Media Trust are partnering together in a spring eCommerce campaign called eComm Pinnacle.

“eCommerce matters to RH-ISAC Members, and the dependence of our sector on eCommerce will only increase during 2021” explained Carlos Kizzee, executive vice president of intelligence operations and legal affairs at RH-ISAC. “Over 89% of our Core Members have an eCommerce presence, so we are thrilled to work with our Associate Members and top organizations within eCommerce security in this effort to increase awareness and adoption of the top issues and controls impacting digital efficiency, security, and compliance.”

The RH-ISAC eComm Pinnacle effort will enable participating organizations to identify, discuss, raise awareness of, and individually evaluate and score their activities on top issues and controls that can most successfully secure and enhance eCommerce retailers in light of the increasingly complex digital threats that they are facing today and the advanced and ever evolving tactics that will continue to target the industry.

In the eComm Pinnacle series, the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC), PerimeterX, SecurityScorecard, Tala Security, and The Media Trust will each co-host a webinar session with the RH-ISAC between April and June of 2021. These presentation and discussion sessions will include industry practitioners with key perspectives and best practices on efficiency, security, and compliance, and will identify top controls that help reach the pinnacle in eCommerce environments. RH-ISAC and our partners will capstone the series by highlighting the top controls and best practices identified for those within retail, hospitality, and travel; in a manner enabling them to focus on top controls most relevant to their efficiency, security and compliance concerns in order to improve their eCommerce game. This series is open to those within the retail, hospitality, and travel sector whose duties include eCommerce efficiency, security, and compliance. 

For more information about each of the sessions in this series, keep an eye on to register to attend the sessions as they are scheduled. For additional information on the eComm Pinnacle series, please reach out to [email protected]/rh.

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