The Retail and Hospitality ISAC Adds Intezer as Associate Member

March 27, 2019- Washington, DCThe Retail & Hospitality Information Sharing and Analysis Center (RH-ISAC) today announced that Intezer has become an Associate member.
Associate members are industry-leading information security providers committed to adding value within the retail and hospitality community. The RH-ISAC’s strong and growing list of members includes more than 120 member companies that represent physical and online retailers, hotels, restaurants, gaming casinos and other consumer-facing companies.

Intezer provides a Genetic Malware Analysis solution, based on an innovative technology that detects code reuse between files. Intezer Analyze™ extracts tiny pieces of code from any given file or binary and detects in which software the code has been used previously. The technology determines whether a file is trusted or malicious, while also classifying the malicious file to its relevant malware family and providing information about the level of sophistication and the threat actor behind the attack, within seconds. The company also offers a free community edition, where users can upload up to 10 suspected files per day and obtain new insights about malware families and threat actors.

“Intezer has an innovative approach to malware analysis and our members look forward to hearing its insights,” said Jennifer McGoldrick-Stenberg, vice president of membership and operations for RH-ISAC. “Our recent growth in Core members and Associate members is a testament to the heightened interest in sharing sector-specific cybersecurity information and intelligence. We look forward to working with Intezer and all of our members to collaborate better on information security that can better secure retail and hospitality industries.”

Fortune 500 companies leverage Intezer to automate their malware analysis and classification, improve security operations and accelerate incident response. The company’s technology has provided crucial insights and detected code similarities in several high profile cyber attacks before leading engines and government agencies, including APT28, MirageFox, NotPetya, and WannaCry.

“Intezer is excited to partner with the RH-ISAC,” said CEO Itai Tevet. “We are dedicated to helping retail and hospitality organizations accelerate their incident response, and to detect advanced cyber threats through Genetic Malware Analysis.”


Formed in 2014 as the Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center, the Retail & Hospitality Information Sharing and Analysis Center (RH-ISAC) operates as the trusted community for sharing sector-specific cyber security information and intelligence. The RH-ISAC connects information security teams at the strategic, operational and tactical levels to work together on issues and challenges, to share practices and insights, and to benchmark among each other – all with the goal of building better security for the retail and hospitality industries through collaboration. RH-ISAC currently serves retail, hotels, restaurants, gaming and other consumer-facing entities.

About Intezer
Intezer introduces a Genetic Malware Analysis approach, offering enterprises unparalleled and accelerated incident response. Intezer provides a fast, in-depth understanding of any file by mapping its code DNA at the ‘gene’ level — offering the most advanced level of malware analysis. By identifying the origins of every piece of code, Intezer is able to detect code reuse from known malware, as well as code that was seen in trusted applications. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter at @IntezerLabs.

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