Retail and Hospitality ISAC to Host First Sector-Focused Workshop in Europe

The two-day program takes place 20-21 April in Barcelona and is open to cybersecurity practitioners that work in the consumer-facing sector.
European Workshop

Vienna, VA (8 March 2023)The Retail & Hospitality Information Sharing and Analysis Center (RH-ISAC) will host its first-ever workshop in the E.U. to help businesses throughout the retail, hospitality, consumer packaged goods, and travel industries collectively defend against cybercrime. The workshop will take place on 20-21 April at the Nestlé corporate headquarters in Barcelona, and it will provide an opportunity for cybersecurity professionals to collaborate and share best practices for protecting consumer-facing organizations against cyber threats.

The workshop agenda includes presentations about the E.U. cyber threat landscape, as well as specific threats facing consumer-facing organizations. Practitioners will also share work on developing cyber fusion centers, using machine learning to assist with threat detection. Interactive discussions about security operations and tradecraft, cloud security, and managing different stakeholder groups for digital transformation will round out the day. The two-day workshop also features a dinner program and other networking opportunities.

The Retail & Hospitality ISAC is a nonprofit organization that works to enhance cybersecurity in the consumer-facing sectors by providing threat intelligence and connecting information security teams across industries. The organization is committed to helping its members improve their cybersecurity posture and protect their customers and assets.

“We are thrilled to pull both members and non-members throughout the E.U. together for this workshop in Barcelona,” said Suzie Squier, RH-ISAC president. “Cyber threats are constantly evolving, and it’s important for cybersecurity professionals to collaborate and share best practices to stay ahead of these threats. This workshop provides an opportunity for practitioners to do just that, and we are excited to be bringing together experts from across the European Union.”

The workshop is open to any cybersecurity practitioner from both member and non-member companies that works in the consumer-facing sector. There is no charge to attend, but registration is required. Visit to register.

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