Third-Party Risks Abound in the Digital World

RH-ISAC’s VP of Intelligence, Carlos Kizzee is featured in an article on Hospitality Tech. The below is an excerpt from the article. For the full post, visit:

Today’s retail and hospitality world is increasingly interconnected, and customers expect to shop in the digital marketplace with minimal friction. Third-party systems are a critical component of this experience and comprise a greater and greater share of customers’ interactions with our organizations. They process payments, remember preferences, showcase and deliver goods and services; they streamline the customer’s purchasing experience. The vendor and third-party system relationship brings significant benefits to customers and retail and hospitality organizations. It can also pose some very real governance and security dangers with domains and code being dropped in without any approval or awareness. Today’s business leaders need to fully understand what is being added to their digital properties and by whom. Diving deeper into this analysis will help companies mitigate the risk while getting the most out of the third-party partners who should be there.

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